It’s interesting how a resume can seem half-full – standing out and full of potential – to one interviewer, and half-empty – haphazard and need to be defended – to another. After all, it’s the same resume showcasing the same work experience.

While diverse experiences in multiple industries was a plus point that attracted Employer A, I had to defend my choices of a non-traditional career path to Employer B. As I experimented with the concept of multiple careers, the interview panel from Employer B were scratching their heads. What exactly was I up to with my career decisions?

Needless to say, I spent the entirety of the interview with Employer B defending my past experience. Contrast this with talking about where I intend to move towards (by linking with my past experience) with Employer A. Of course the conversation with the latter was more refreshing.

Owning your resume

So as you continue with your job search. Or even if you choose to remain in your current job. I think the most important is to own your resume. You can’t change the career decisions you’ve made in the past. But those decisions need not be final. It doesn’t mean that you have to throw your past experiences out the window even if you were to make a career switch this year.

Yes, you will face rejections. Lots and lots of them. Most of them would come in the form of no replies.

But what might seem unappealing to one employer might seem attractive to another. Your job is to continue searching until you find the right fit. And to continue believing in yourself.

So no matter how ridiculous your past work experiences may be, don’t give up. Be the first one to see your resume as half-full instead of half-empty. If you don’t do that first, no one else will do it for you.

You may not have reached where you want to be. Or don’t even have a clear idea of what that might look like. But seeing your resume as half-full means that you see the potential of where you could end up in the future.

And for those that view your resume as half-empty… maybe it’s not the right environment for you in the first place?

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