I would like to believe that we live in an abundant world. A world filled with joy, beauty, creativity and more than enough.

Yet, not everything is unlimited.

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make. But money doesn’t grow on trees and you can’t get an unlimited amount anytime you want.

Want to live right in the city? And in a big house? And have high quality, high-tech, smart appliances throughout your whole house? And drive a big car? And send your kids to the best private school? And…

The list could go on and on.

If your financial resources were truly unlimited, well I guess you could do all that and more.

But if your financial resources were limited, then perhaps it’s time to choose.

Our checklist of wants is usually very long. And I’m not saying that we can’t have all of them. We probably could. If we take the long view. If we really chase after our dreams with all our heart. And if we learn to manage our resources wisely.

Maybe some people truly have too much that they don’t know where to spend their money. However, I believe the majority of us have to manage our resources well in order to truly live in abundance.

That means you can have anything you want. BUT, the caveat is you can’t have everything you want. Not all at the same time at least.

With our long list of wants, we have to prioritise.

Choosing to spend less (at least initially) in some areas means we can spend more in other areas. And if we manage our finances wisely, it could mean setting aside a portion for growth. So that we can afford to spend more in the future in those areas that we initially sacrificed on.

But choosing to spend more on everything at the same time could only mean a few things:

  • Going into debt
  • Or setting aside less for the future
  • Or living life on the edge always worrying about whether you have enough money
  • Or worse, falling short of your expectations on all areas

What’s the point if you’re going to have to end up compromising on all your wants? Like if you value good craftsmanship but end up having to settle for poor workmanship in your renovation just because you chose a more expensive house?

There are always trade-offs.

And learning to live in abundance, I believe, is about understanding the trade-offs you are willing to make. It’s about learning to prioritise your wants. And when to focus on certain priorities and when to focus on others.

It’s hard to get everything you want.

But with wisdom and good management of priorities, we probably could get anything we want. When we want it. As long as we decide on what we truly want.

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