Work from home accountability

Now that everyone is not working in the same physical space, who is there to hold you accountable for your work?

Do you still work as hard as you would when you were physically present in the office? Or do you try harder to get away with doing less work?

On the flip side, do you feel that you need to constantly watch over your subordinates? Even if it’s over Zoom, you want them to be constantly online, just to make sure they are still working?

The thing is, facetime is a really convenient metric to ‘know’ whether someone is working or not. But it’s not exactly an accurate metric.

Sure, you might be at your desk staring at the computer. But are you really working hard? Or are you just daydreaming because you have cleared your tasks for the day?

Or you actually have a problem that you can’t solve. But sitting longer at the computer is not going to help you any further. What you really need is to go for a long walk. To get some fresh air. And to clear your thoughts so that you can let your subconscious mind continue working on the problem.

And has it occurred to you that your subordinates might be on Zoom (even with the video on), but you can’t see what they are looking at on their screens? So how do you know if they are working?

If we need someone to constantly supervise us just so that we will do our work, we haven’t really developed our inner motivation, have we?

And if you need to watch your subordinates like a hawk to make sure they are doing their work, maybe you have some trust issues to work on. Or maybe you’ve hired the wrong people.

Remote working might be a new norm.

At least for the foreseeable future. So maybe there’s a need to rethink how we view accountability when it comes to our work.

Can we become responsible individuals who are responsible for the quality of work we do, not the time we sit at our desks?

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