January 21, 2020

Who do you seek advice from?

good advice

“You can do anything you want. But you need to end up with a building.”

That was what one of my profs said during my time in uni. Because we were an architecture school and need to gain accreditation, there was no leeway. Every single project for the core module had to result in a building.

That is perfectly alright if we are trying to figure out what kind of building to design. But does an empty plot of land always have to result in a building?

I think it depends on who you ask.

If you ask an architect, of course, he or she will tell you to build a building there.

If you ask a landscape architect, maybe he or she will recommend a park.

But if you ask a musician, he or she might tell you that a busking area will help add vibrancy to that corner of the city.

What’s your problem?

So if you have a problem and are wondering who to seek advice from, you better spend the time and effort to understand your problem first. Otherwise, you risk turning to the wrong person for help, even if the other party has your best interests in mind.

If you consult someone who has a vested interest in the decisions you make, then that person may not always give you sound and neutral advice.

Is it that surprising to you that an insurance agent will recommend financial products while a real estate agent will recommend property investing?

Well, both could be good investments. But is it for you?

Instead, a better piece of advice might be,

“You can do anything you want. But you need to first understand the problem you want to solve.”

Then, you will be able to find the most suitable person that can help you with your problem.

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