We are an achievement-oriented society. And it’s not just always about the size of your paycheque or the number of people you manage.

Sometimes, we mistake inefficiencies and neglect for balance in life for sacrificing for the greater good.

A person might go into teaching, nursing, or any other professions for noble reasons. And we don’t discount that.

But over-glorifying the commitment that these professions require of someone doesn’t justify the fact that work consumes so much of their time that it affects the other aspects of their lives.

Your mum or dad is doing great and noble work. They are contributing to the greater good of society and shaping the lives of others. That’s why they don’t have enough time for you, child. Please understand! One day, when you are old enough, you will be proud of the work they do. We are grateful for their contribution and sacrifice!

Stop it.

The child might eventually be proud of the work that his or her parents do.

But does that redeem the years of neglect that he or she feels?

Doing great work doesn’t justify the neglect of family and other relationships. It doesn’t justify the loss of balance in someone’s life.

We need to stop over-glorifying sacrifice. It’s noble, yes. It’s for the greater good, no doubt.

But what good does contributing to the lives of many do when it requires the neglect of your personal and family life? Worse is when the greater good is used to justify systemic inefficiencies and unproductivity.

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