It has never been easier for a story to be shared. Just by clicking on the share button in your social media feed, you could spread something to a large number of people easily.

But before you click on that share button, do you read the entire story in detail? Do you verify the source? And do you check to see if there are alternative perspectives to the story?

Or do you simply read the headline, title, or summary, and decide immediately whether to share it? Or maybe you don’t really think about it at all. You shared it because someone else shared it.

A piece of news or an incident can be spread far and wide easily and quickly. So we need to be even more aware of the consequences when we click that ‘share’ button. We also need to be aware of our intentions.

You might think that you are upholding justice when you share a post that calls out someone publicly. But have you considered that the more widely a story is being shared, the greater the likelihood of it being twisted? All you need is for each person to add his or her own commentary to the story.

Plus, do you give the person a chance to change for the better?

Yes, a mistake is a mistake. We should correct wrong actions. And a person should live with the consequences of a wrong decision.

But they can also learn through their own mistakes. They can change for the better.

Perhaps there’s no need to tarnish their reputation by engaging in a smear campaign.

Why is there a need to escalate immediately to public shaming when private settlement fails? Or when you feel that you’ve gotten the short end of the stick? Have you considered bringing in a neutral third party to mediate the issue?

Technology has allowed us to bring an issue into the public arena easily. It puts greater power in our hands. But with it comes greater responsibility.

Hopefully, as technology becomes ever faster, we can slow ourselves down. To think twice before we click on that ‘share’ button. Read the entire story in detail first. Consider other perspectives. And put ourselves in the shoes of all the relevant parties involved.

And hopefully, we can be responsible enough to consider being more gracious to one another.

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