March 20, 2020

The pitfalls of knowledge

Having more knowledge is great. More knowledge has the potential to help you increase your understanding of the things happening around you. It could help you choose wisely the actions to take to improve your life and perhaps those around you.

Maybe having more knowledge could also help you advance your career. To perhaps gain access to people in high places.

But beware of the pitfalls of knowledge.

Be careful of your ego. The more learned you are, the higher the chance of you becoming filled with selfish pride. So much so that you dismiss the work of others condescendingly.

You can choose to work in your own ivory tower, condemning the work of others as mere ‘airport books’. Or you can choose to be generous with your knowledge, and share your work with those who are working to help people apply good knowledge to their situations.

I’m sorry but not sorry that this is a rant.

But hey, have you wondered why they have more readers than you? Why a single book from them is quoted more than you were ever cited among all your publications?

For the rest of us, as we continue to gain more knowledge, we have to check our own hearts. Sharing what you know to contribute to the good of society is different from flaunting your knowledge to boast how good you are. It’s a fine line between the two since the actions are almost indistinguishable.

As we increase in our knowledge, do we allow our pride to increase with it? Are we able to remain humble and not flaunt what we know every chance we get?

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