“The government should…”

I don’t know what comes to your mind to complete that sentence.

But many governments around the world have provided financial support to their citizens this year. It’s a challenging year for many – definitely.

Some might think that the financial support we receive is not enough. Others might want the government to do more. And perhaps, even if we might not want to admit, we might even think that it’s nice to receive unemployment benefits to just sit at home all day.

The problem is, why should someone else take care of our own needs and wants?

I don’t deny that there is a segment of the population who need extra support. But does the extra support help them stand up on their own two feet or does it become a crutch for them?

We all have individual responsibilities to make our own lives better. And part of it includes trading our talents, skills and experience to provide for our own families. After all, he who doesn’t work shouldn’t get to eat.

We might all start with different sets of talents, skills and experience. Some might move faster than others initially. Some seem to have it all and are able to be parachuted to the upper ranks of the corporate ladder quickly.

But all of us can learn new things. We can improve the skills we know already. We don’t have to stay at the level we are currently in if we choose not to.

With increased calls for more welfare and for governments to do more, I hope our individual work ethic will not be eroded.

We are creative beings. And we can get over this difficult year. While we can fall down from time to time, we can also come up with the solutions to our own problems. We can work with the people around us to improve our lives together.

Why would we want to depend on people who do not know us individually to improve our lives? And that’s even assuming that they can.

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