I’ve not heard of anyone who goes around saying that they want a life where they are just doing the same things over and over again every single day. If you are like most people, you dream of something bigger. Something more creative that taps into your innermost being.

Go big or go home is a myth

We live in an age where some corporations have more wealth than entire countries, and where fame seems to be more important than anything else.

The culture of ‘go big or go home‘ is pervasive. When we apply that mentality to our creative dreams, it feels as if we can’t have any creative dreams unless they lead us to great fame, success and monetary rewards.

We don’t acknowledge anything less than that as creative enough. So we bury our creative dreams instead.

And I think that’s a problem.

We are creative beings

I strongly believe that we humans are born creative beings. Studies by NASA have shown that 98% of young children tested “fell in the genius category of imagination”.

You might not want a career defined by work in the arts, media and design industries.

And that’s okay.

But that doesn’t mean you are not a creative being. Not getting paid for your creative acts doesn’t mean that you can’t create something to share with others around you.

There are many problems in the world we face today. And they all need creative solutions. Some are in industries where you might not think requires creativity. Such as in the world of finance or engineering.

Creativity is required to change most of the broken systems in this world. You need creativity to come up with solutions. And you need creativity and wisdom to be able to convince others of your ideas.

How creativity can change the world. YOUR world at least, if not THE world.

The opportunity created by social distancing

It’s not all doom and gloom when you have to distance yourself socially and stay at home more. There might be less social gatherings that will occupy your nights. Or maybe working from home has given you 2 hours extra a day that you don’t have to waste on commuting.

But now that you have more time on hand, maybe it is a great time for you to revive your creative dreams.

Image of sample weekly schedule. How much time do you have outside of work? How much time can you spare for your creative dreams?
Do you plan your weekly schedule?
How much time do you actually have outside of work?

Instead of binge-watching shows on Netflix, why not try doing the new thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but have been putting it off because you were busy?

Last week, an ex-music student approached me to restart lessons, saying that some music will “bring peace to a tumultuous period”. Learning music might just be a hobby but learning to play a new instrument can have positive impacts on your brain.

It need not be learning a musical instrument either. It could even be learning to cook.

I think the whole point is to try something new and get into the beginner’s mindset again. So that you can start using your brain again in another manner. Learning something new could help you to see things from a different perspective as well.

Otherwise, when your life becomes routine, it might be hard for you to think about new ideas that could potentially help you solve your problems. You’ve been involved with the problem at hand for a long time. And all you have is your own domain knowledge, which may not always help to solve all problems. The thing is, innovation usually occurs at the intersection of different fields.

Now that the world is moving at a much slower pace, it might be a good opportunity for you to pick up some new skills. It could be time to revive your creative dreams. You never know whether it will help position you for a breakthrough in your career sometime in the future.

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