Potential customer: “Hey, I’m interested! Is this still available?”
Seller: “Yes, it is!”
Potential customer: “Great! I would like to buy it!”
Seller: “Sure, please send in an order!”
Potential customer: “Alright, will do as soon as possible.”

* Potential customer then goes MIA, even after the seller tries to follow-up *

I’ve faced something similar recently, though the context was different. Not once. Not even twice. But three times in a row.

Apparently, ghosting happens in the professional context too.

I guess it’s fine when we send out ‘cold’ emails or messages. Or perhaps applying for jobs by sending out our resumes. After all, those are the first contact. The other party might have received many emails, messages or applications. They don’t even know we exist before that email, message or application.

So we get used to not hearing back at all.

But it’s another story when the other party actually replies. Especially when they’ve engaged in a conversation with you. And when they’ve expressed interest in engaging with you – buying something from you; collaborating with you; or perhaps interested in finding out whether you are a good fit for their company.

They might be busy. So it’s more convenient not to reply. But hey, we are all busy. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse.

Is it that hard to say “No thanks, I’m no longer interested”? Is it because we don’t have a clue how to say no? Or worse, we simply don’t care, or want to care, about how the other party feels when we simply stop replying?

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