October 23, 2019

New adventure calling

Moving to another country might be exciting. It might inspire new visions and bring new experiences. However, it comes with a great deal of uncertainty as well. Where am I going to stay? How am I going to bring in income to cover my expenses? How do I get to know people and cultivate strong friendships? 

The myriad of questions that cannot be answered all at once might be enough to stop you from moving at all. Stuck at having no clear answers to these questions, you might choose to remain in your comfort zone. Instead of answering the call for an adventure ahead, you end up choosing to stick with whatever that you have grown used to. Sometimes it might not even be about moving to a new country. It could simply be the call to move towards another season of your life. Perhaps to change your work environment. Or perhaps to try a new hobby that you’ve never tried before. 

If all you are going to do is to sit and analyse every single thing that could go wrong with the change, you will never make the change. There is just too much uncertainty ahead. 

But if you do not answer the call, perhaps you won’t be able to grow. Perhaps you won’t be able to experience a new season in your life that is waiting ahead for you. 

It’s not that the challenges ahead are going to disappear once you make your move. But I don’t think you need to have everything figured out before doing anything at all. Plans are great. But plans that are not flexible to changes will lock you in and make you feel trapped. You can always figure things out one step at a time. It is unlikely that you have to solve every single problem all at the same time. 

Yet, you do need to have a certain level of faith that you will be able to work everything out. The results might not be the same as your expectations. But if you do not do anything at all, then you will know the results for sure. Because it will just be the same old routine that you are used to. 

So what is it that is pulling at your heartstrings now? What new experiences are you thinking of trying? What is the immediate step that you can take to move towards that call for a new adventure waiting for you ahead? 

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