October 29, 2019

Moving forward when stuck


You have made your decision at a crossroad in your life. You took one path and have come a long way down. But obstacles after obstacles, turn after turn, things that life throws at you make you question whether you should have taken that first step anyway. 

What do you do when you feel stuck? What do you do when you feel that nothing you are doing now is working? What do you do when the path ahead is windy and you can’t see around the next corner? 

You could choose to turn back. Head back to where you came from. At least that will be something that you are familiar with. The same old. 

But will that bring you to your destiny? 

Or maybe you could continue walking forward, trusting that whatever that brought you down this path will continue to see you through. When the scenery around you doesn’t change for a long time, it could feel that you are not making any progress. And yet, when you are putting one foot in front of another, you know that you are moving forward step by step, slowly but surely. 

No matter the outcome, maybe the only comfort we have at the moment is the surety that not taking this path would have led to more regrets. The future is unknown, and yet that’s where adventure lies. 

So yes, the only way is perhaps to move forward, no matter how scary the unknown ahead is. And to trust that it can only get better, that there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel ahead. At least if we find out that we do not like what is in store for us ahead, then we can make a u-turn and head back to where we came from. 

That beats making a u-turn too early and regretting not having the courage to soldier on to find out what’s ahead, no? 

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