Uncharted territories

The lure of the conventional path is tempting. Especially when you know you are in a position to benefit from the system.

Pick a stable, well-paying job. Stick it out in similar industries or roles to gain expertise.

Work hard. Enough to get promoted.

Keep your head down. Enough to not get fired or retrenched.

You won’t have to see your savings dwindle. You will be able to afford some nice things now and then.

The lure of the conventional path makes you question your choice of walking down an unknown path. It makes you question your choices to pivot from industries to industries.

You wonder whether leaving the promises of a good life behind to venture into uncharted territories was a good choice.

But at the end of the day, when you ask yourself, “Would I regret if I didn’t make that choice?”

You know your answer will be a resounding ‘yes’.

There’s no turning back.

I mean, you could. But you would regret it.

The gentle voice inside you tells you to look forward to discovering the life that is waiting for you further down this path. A path designed for you and you alone to walk on.

So the only thing that’s left, is to continue moving forward. To tell the other voice, “You can continue trying to lure me with the conventional path, but I’m going to continue walking down this other path regardless.”

It might be a harder path. But fear not, you will get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let the challenges of the harder path be like a refining fire. Let it shape and mould your character.

Keep moving forward, even if progress is slow.

If you don’t lose hope, you will emerge stronger and wiser than before.

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