April 21, 2020

Little by little

That’s the only way to make progress.

When we have big dreams and huge goals, the impossibility of achieving them will demoralise us early. Then we get stuck because we don’t see any progress. We feel like any actions we take doesn’t seem to produce any results.

So we feel like giving up.

But if you think of the route to achieving your goal be like a hike up a mountain, which step is the one that helped you reach the summit? The final one? Or the first one? Without both, and each of the thousands of steps along the way, you will still be stuck somewhere.

Similarly, that’s the only way to make progress towards your dreams and goals.

Step by step. Little by little.

Even when you don’t see any results with each step.

Sometimes you will feel stuck. Other times you might need to quit to do something else.

But the cost of not doing anything is higher. It means that you’ll still be stuck where you are. There won’t be any progress at all.

When you can’t see clearly what’s ahead, sometimes the only way is to try something. Anything. Maybe taking that step will help you to find your way through the fog.

Little by little, you will achieve your dreams and goals.

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