How do you determine whether to continue pressing on or to give up? How do you know when to stop fighting for the success of your project? Or when call it a day and look for the next opportunity instead?

The answer is quite clear when you know clearly the timing of the end.

Such as in a sports competition. When you know that you are trailing behind your opponent by one point, the game is really not over until it’s truly over. That is, until the final whistle.

So if you do know that there’s an end to your project. And that end will determine your results. And you won’t be able to continue on after that. Then you could and should, I think, fight till the end. As long as there’s still hope, no matter how slim, you can try to turn the tide.

Even if you don’t turn the tide and win eventually, at least you would have given your all. And you won’t leave yourself wondering whether you could have won if you fought harder.

But what if there’s no clear end to your project?

I think it would also be important to keep the same perspective. That it’s not over till it’s really over.

The only problem is that the end goal is usually uncertain. For example, how do you know whether your job application is rejected if the organisation doesn’t practise sending out rejection notifications? Or when to stop your business idea that’s not gaining traction?

So at the same time that you keep your hopes alive, I think it’s also important to scatter your seeds elsewhere. You don’t know which option will lead to success.

But if you don’t try other methods, apply to other companies, or test out other business ideas, you wouldn’t know whether your success will come from other places.

So yes, whatever the circumstances, it’s not over till it’s really over.

But most of the time, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you allow others to tell you that it’s over. Instead, you should be the one determining when it’s over and whether it’s time to move on to other things.

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