Ideas are just that – ideas that float around in your head.

You might have verbalised that. You might have shared them with others. But the fear of the results of your ideas could prevent you from generating and executing them.

Will your ideas work?

I think we will only know once you’ve tried them out.

Until you fully execute your ideas, it is hard to tell the true impact of your ideas. And whether those ideas work.

In our search for great ideas that could help society move forward, we have to keep in mind that the best ideas are those that can be implemented given the current skills, technology and environment available. Great ideas that are too ahead of their time will just remain as great ideas. There is no way of implementing them anytime soon.

Sure, we should do our research as best as we can. We could debate with one another to improve our ideas.

But the proof of a good idea is in the execution.

If it doesn’t work, then regroup, recalibrate, and improve on them.

There’s no point arguing that I have a better idea than you if I can’t implement and execute the ideas that I have.

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