Just do something. No matter what it is.

This sounds like the lamest advice that you can give to someone stuck in a project. Except that it’s one of the best advice that I’ve heard. At least to me.

That was what one of my uni profs suggested. I can’t remember if he said it to me or to one of my friends. I can’t remember the details either.

But I think it was great advice when I tried it.

Why do you feel stuck in the first place?

A project, by definition, doesn’t have a clear, defined end where you know exactly what you will end up with. You might have particular aims that you want to achieve with the project. But you don’t know exactly, right down to the last detail, what the ending of the project is going to be like.

Not until you get to the very end.

This is one of the main reasons why you might feel stuck in a project. You have already lost the excitement that makes you start the project in the first place. You are now caught deep in the middle where it seems like a dark place to be.

I think the problem comes when we feel like there is only one ‘right answer’ waiting for us at the end of the project. And that stops us from making any decisions because we are afraid to make a ‘wrong’ decision.

Why ‘just do something’ is good advice?

It stops you from over-analysing.

The moment you start doing something, no matter how trivial it seems, you start to build momentum again. It gets your mind back to thinking about the project at hand.

Most importantly, you will stop thinking that you are stuck.

When you start to do something about your project, you will move towards producing a tangible result. A result that you can then analyse and improve on.

It’s better to have a rough product on the table to work with, rather than a perfect idea that exists only in your head.

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