March 6, 2020

Fear of missing out

It’s funny how the fear of missing out causes people to panic and buy a year’s worth of toilet paper. It’s even funnier when you enter the supermarket after the panic buyers have left, not knowing that they have rampaged through the supermarket. Until you Googled “[your country] toilet paper” after seeing the empty shelves.

Humans seem to be driven by an irrational ‘herd’ mentality. When we see others stocking up on toilet paper, it makes us fear that we might not be able to get any when we really need it.

So we decide to stock up too. Nevermind that it will eat up our household budget for the month. Nevermind that it will take us a year to finish using them.

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, is probably what causes you to check your emails, text or social media update the moment you receive a notification. It’s not just for youths. It happens to adults too.

It’s something that I had been taught to take advantage of in my short stint in real estate. Buy now, or else lose the opportunity.

The thing is, fear spreads. Perhaps faster and wider than the virus itself. And selling fear might be a shortcut for you to build your business or career. After all, it is easy. People pay more attention to bad news than good news. It’s why the media has more negative news that good news.

But are you willing to compromise your integrity to sell fear? Or will you dig in for the long haul and show us a better way to live our lives through what you sell?

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