February 14, 2020

Fear is in the air

Fear of catching an infectious virus, even when it’s not that deadly. Fear of missing out. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown.

Fear of… well, most of the time it short-circuits our brains and leads us to fear death itself.

It’s amazing what fear can do to people. Civility and rationality get thrown out the door. Discrimination, or worse, racism sets in.

But fear is mostly just an illusion. What are the chances that what you fear will happen?

It’s unlikely that fear will go away. Not on this earth as we know it now. It’s not a perfect world. From the moment you wake up till the moment you close your eyes, everything you do has the potential to go wrong. Actually, even sleeping may not give you the peace you need if you are having nightmares.

So don’t even try to get rid of your fears, it won’t work. But even if we can’t get rid of fear, it doesn’t mean that we have to listen to it.

We don’t have to choose fear. We can choose to do the opposite instead. To choose love instead of fear. Fear causes us to look inward, to only focus on ourselves. But love causes us to look outward, to focus on others. I don’t think you can listen to both at the same time. You will be a conflicted person.

It’s your choice to control your fear. It’s your choice to look past what you fear and assess the situation calmly. We can’t control what happens outside of us. But we can control how we deal with every situation that comes our way. We can control how we treat one another.

May February the 14th serve as a reminder for us to make this choice between love and fear again.

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