When executing a project or a new programme, details matter. You can’t always talk about big, fluffy ideas that don’t mean anything. Otherwise, it’s just all talk and no action.

What product should you build exactly? How would the new online program look like exactly? What materials do you need to conduct your workshop?

But although details mater, they don’t matter that much at the start.

When you’re first starting to design the project or programme, you can skip the details. Getting too hung up about the details at the beginning will cause you to lose track of what you’re trying to accomplish in the first place.

Worrying about the exact shade of the colour of the cushions for your sofa is useless if you have not thought about the colour of your sofa. And worrying about which sofa to buy is pointless if you don’t know the dimensions of the space available to put your sofa.

If you find yourself asking “but what if…” too often, you might be worrying too much about details that will only matter in the future. What if your product fails and nobody wants to use it? Or what if you actually succeed and you can’t scale your business up fast enough?

Sure, those are important questions to consider. But perhaps it’s not very helpful to think of them now when you have not even tried building a working prototype of your product.

Worrying too much about the details too early will only cause you to overthink. It might cause paralysis by analysis and stop you from moving forward.

What’s more important is that you are making progress. Those worries can be settled later. Instead, focus on the problems that are of the right scope at the level of your project right now. If you are still in the early stages, considering the big picture is more important than over-thinking the details that might not need to be considered later because of changes along the way.

Yes, details do matter… but later.

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