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What’s the truth? What’s fake?

I recently came across someone’s social media post alleging that an article on a mainstream media outlet fabricated details about the person’s story. However, which story it was and what it was about is not important.

But what I think is important is how we discern between truths and stories.

In this era when a lot of things are fake news, how do we know what’s real? Or what’s fake?

The gift of a slower pace of life

Empty streets due to Covid-19

If there’s a silver lining in this difficult season, it’s probably the gift of a slower pace of life. Yes, the isolation has affected some negatively and others have completely lost their incomes. But for others, being forced to slow down might be a good thing.

Real needs vs perceived needs

There are real needs. And then there are perceived needs. But often we confuse our perceived needs with our real needs, thinking that whatever we think we need, we truly need them.

Now that governments are stepping out to help people through this difficult time, people with needs become even more visible. Yet governments deal with entire nations, so they can’t tell exactly which needs are real and which are perceived.

But we can as individuals.

Keeping calm in these crazy times


Take a step back.

Have a good look at the situation around you from afar. Not from thick in the midst of others who are panicking.

Oh, and maybe. Just maybe. Stay away from the news and social media.

2 main ways of competing


Competition seems to be all about winning at the expense of others in our society.

And I think there might be 2 main ways we could go about doing this.

Live, work and play

There is an idea in urban planning called ‘live, work and play’ that aims to allow people to – like what the phrase suggests – live, work and play in the same area. It is perhaps becoming somewhat of a trend right now. More and more mixed-use developments are sprouting. Huge multi-use complexes are being […]