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If you can’t seem to learn, the problem might be having too much information. There are many different ways to pick up a particular skill. But it’s not going to help if you are pulled in several different directions.

What’s more important is to focus on something. Small but consistent practice can make all the difference.

There are two ways of choosing the work that you do.

  1. To always stick to things that you are great at. Things that you already know how to do well. Or,
  2. To choose things that are challenging. Things that you may not have the necessary knowledge or skill for.

The second option might be challenging, but you can always figure it out as you go along.

This coronavirus crisis will end. Just like any other crisis. And when we get to the other side, will you be prepared?

What can you do now to position yourself to emerge stronger on the other side?

Perhaps it’s time to end your dependence on extrinsic motivation and start developing your inner motivation.

In just a short span of a few weeks, we have seen many things being shifted online as life as we know it slows to almost a halt. But if you are expecting to move all your interactions online and still get the same outcome, maybe you should rethink again. I don’t think you can.

If you don’t plan it properly, it can be overwhelming and make it harder for your target user.

Too much feedback can make you feel overwhelmed. Especially when there’re too many different opinions and suggestions. However, too little feedback makes you feel like you are just trying to throw the ideas on the wall and see what sticks.

Whether it’s a work project or personal project, it’s still good to get some feedback. But what do you need to consider before seeking feedback?

March 20, 2020

The pitfalls of knowledge

Having more knowledge is great. More knowledge has the potential to help you increase your understanding of the things happening around you. It could help you choose wisely the actions to take to improve your life and perhaps those around you.

But beware of the pitfalls of knowledge.

Are we able to remain humble and not flaunt what we know every chance we get?

March 10, 2020

Make use of your downtime

Any crisis will come and go. From the dot-com bubble to SARS to the Great Recession, we’ve lived through a couple of them this century alone. Times of financial difficulty may come. But they will definitely go away.

If your business has been slowing down, it might be a great opportunity to make use of some needed downtime. Especially if you’ve been so overwhelmed by your busyness.

Maybe instead of building your business on trends, you can build it on doing good work instead.

February 18, 2020

Skin in the game

Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn? Any area in your life you want to improve?

There’s nothing better than having your own skin in the game. If it doesn’t cost you anything, you are unlikely to put in the effort to learn.

Learning can only happen when it’s voluntary. You can’t learn anything if you don’t choose to learn. You could be in a class and yet not learn anything.

Today’s the day many will receive their O Level results. Many might think that it is one of the most important national exams for a teenager. I am anxious too, for an ex-student will be receiving the results this year. But here are some thoughts that I have for my student: Rules of the game […]