There was a time when information was not so widely available.

To learn anything, you had to seek out teachers near you. Or maybe get a book to teach you. There is no myriad of alternative voices telling you what to learn or how to learn.

But now, you can learn just about anything you want. Often for free.

There are thousands upon thousands of resources out there. If you’ve tried to learn anything via Youtube videos, you would probably know.

While one resource might tell you to do things a certain way, another would suggest that to make the most of your time, you need to practise your craft another way.

Because of all the different voices telling you what and how to do things, have you tried learning a particular skill by going round in circles? Do you find yourself trying many different things but not seeing much improvements?

Too much information

I think the problem we have now is having too much information.

There are many different ways to pick up a particular skill. But it’s not going to help if you are pulled in several different directions.

And some things just take time.

Especially if you are learning a physical skill like learning an instrument. And even more so if you are picking it up at an older age.

Or if you are learning something completely foreign to you. Like learning new technologies if you didn’t grow up being a digital native.

You need to focus

What’s more important is to focus on something.

Spend some time going through the different options that you have access to. After that, pick and choose something that you will stick to for the next couple of weeks. Stick to it even if you don’t see improvements fast.

And don’t try to do too many different things. Or choose something that’s too much of a learning curve for you.

You need a challenge that’s just hard enough to help you improve but easy enough to make sure you don’t lose your motivation.

Most importantly, forget about all the other distractions. Don’t worry about whether this is the best way of learning what you want to learn. That’s just the fear of missing out acting on you.

The best way of learning is going to be the method that you can stick to. Find something small that you can do today. And practise consistently. You will be surprised how the small thing can add up over time.

Inspired by this great reminder by Tomo Fujita

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