“Sorry, I’m busy.”

Busyness seems to be the status symbol of the day. Or even a new workplace religion.

Between work, school, family, friends, faith, hobbies, these are all legit demands of our time. But it’s up to us to figure out how to balance all of them so that we don’t neglect any of those aspects of our lives.

Busyness doesn’t mean that we can escape from our responsibilities.

We can say that we are hardworking when we constantly leave the office late. But who knows whether we’ve put in our best effort at work every single day? Who knows whether we are truly doing work that matters or simply just doing busy-work?

Time is something that we all have in common. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Nothing more, nothing less.

So how we say yes and no to things that occupy our time is important.

Freelancing taught me the importance of learning the limits of the amount of work I can handle in a single week. I had to learn how to steward my time properly so that I can leave time for other important things. I even had to learn to build margin into my schedule so that when one appointment ends late, I don’t end up being late for the next appointment.

I probably could have taken on more work during that phase of my life. But more work might have led to less time to really focus on the stuff that would make a difference for my clients or students.

I could have said that I was busy. To make up for delivering merely a good enough work instead of my best work. Nobody is going to know that it’s not my best work other than me.

But would that be responsible?

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